Claire says:

"The way the fudge on the top is cut off personally bothers me. I don't mind that it's cut off on the bottom."
"I like the way you treated the titles and used different font weights."
"Do you need a degree symbol?"
"I like the process photos."

Me: "Should I make the pot icon a scroll-to-top button?"
Claire: "I thought the pot icon was a button this whole time."

"You should put the ingredients in the order of when you use them."
"Box shadow doesn't read as a shadow because the thing is so long."
"old-fashioned has a hyphen"

Tara says:

"Fit the ingredients to the smallest phone size possible, it wraps on thinner phones otherwise."
"Need more space between the images and text."
"On thinner phones the recipe goes out of the box."
"write that the fudge is dad's fudge or else the love dad is weird"
"I keep looking at that box shadow. It's kind of weird when you can't see the top or bottom. I'm 50-50. I don't think it's soooo distracting."
"You should add padding on the bottom of the box too."