About Me!
  1. My name is Rachel Nitzsche and I'm a junior majoring in Communication Design.

  2. I'm excited to finally expand my understanding of web design and coding in general.

  3. I have a very basic understanding of html. I've gone into preexisting templates for websites/blogs and changed little parts of the code but I've never even come near building something from scratch.

  4. I hope to learn how to design an aesthetically pleasing (but fairly basic) website at the very least.

  5. People expect to be able to interact with different elements on a screen, whereas when you're looking at something like a poster, you wouldn't expect to be able to click a link or scroll to see more content.

  6. I think this portfolio website is designed beautifully. All a viewer has to do is scroll down as instructed at the start of the page and all the information you need to know about the designer follows. The way the website responds to scrolling feels like it has a weight to it that makes it satisfying. Clickable parts of the website ripple when hovered over to indicate that the viewer can interact with them.

  7. Spotify's website (specifically the web player) communicates well to me. Several tabs at the top of the page guide the viewer to different categories. The genres & moods tab especially stands out to me because of how it displays dozens of different music options through imagery and icons. This allows the user to find music that suits their mood through visuals rather than searching for specific artists and songs.

  8. PointerPointer is a website that works very well. It does exactly what it says, which is finds images of people pointing exactly where your pointer is located on the screen. It is simple, but very entertaining.